This page is based on the former Sunday Niters website. (Please see note* below.)

Sunday Niters – 144 Shares from 2004 to 2009 – Remember When

Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions,
ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.
“What you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here.”







* I noticed that the Sunday Niters website was not updated after 2009 and was more or less left unattended. I checked it out every now and then because I was concerned that the site would eventually go offline and the 144 shares would be lost forever. So I decided to download all 144 shares as a precaution in the fall of 2016. A few months later the site did go offline. I asked a number of members whose shares were on the list what they thought about rebuilding it and putting it online again. They all thought it was a great idea. So here it is again for you to enjoy, keeping in mind that what you hear here, let it stay here.

While there are many sites where you can listen to AA shares (one has over 6000 to choose from), nothing compares to shares from Montreal members you might know or see at meetings, especially shares from 10 to 15 years ago. Many of the members are still around today. Some have moved away, of course, and some have also passed away, making this a very special “remember when.” – Anon, January 1, 2019